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The cleaning portion of the appointment is vital to remove plaque and calculus buildup from the teeth. This plaque and calculus, which is plaque that has calcified, contain harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay if not removed. Our Hygienists will use both an ultrasonic instrument and hand instruments to remove as much build-up as possible. The ultrasonic uses vibration and water to quickly remove surface stains and debris. Occasionally, a medicated mouthwash may be prescribed in order to control inflammation. They will then polish and floss in order to provide the brightest and healthiest smile possible.

Proper and effective oral hygiene is the foundation of good long term oral health and plays an important role in your overall health. We take pride in spending time with our patients discussing and demonstrating proper home oral hygiene techniques of brushing & flossing as well as recommend a periodic periodontal maintenance protocol to maintain periodontal health.