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Comprehensive Exam

At Kirkwood Family Dental, we take dental wellness seriously and strongly encourage patients to be proactive about their oral care. We pride ourselves on providing a thorough comprehensive new patient exam when we first meet.

During your first visit to our practice, we can introduce you to our team, including our dentists, Dr. Allison Winkler and Dr. Akshay Vij. We serve patients of all ages, from children to grandparents, in our relaxed and comfortable office. We provide an intraoral and extraoral examination, evaluating your teeth, gums, tongue, and all the surrounding oral tissues, muscles and joints. This exam also includes a full series of digital radiographs as well as photographs that help in diagnosing gum disease, cavities, or any other abnormalities. Digital radiographs allow for accurate diagnoses while limiting radiation exposure. We may also take a scan of your mouth to create a digital model that is very helpful in visualizing the teeth in 3 dimensions and for educating our patients.