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Teeth Whitening

There’s no easier way to enhance your smile than to brighten your teeth. At Kirkwood Family Dental, we offer two methods to whiten your teeth, all using the best professional strength products available.

  •  In-office teeth whitening. Brightening your smile in a single appointment is achievable with our in-office whitening services. We use several layers of concentrated bleaching product which is then activated by a special light, all while you sit comfortably in the dental chair. . We use a higher concentration of material and make sure to protect your gums during the process. These materials are only used in a professional setting under supervision for a short duration and not for home use.  The process takes approximately one hour, and patients can leave the office multiple shades brighter right away.
  • At-home whitening. Alternatively, some of our patients want to whiten their smiles in the convenience of their own homes. We fabricate custom whitening  trays based on models of the patient’s teeth, and provide a bleaching gel that is worn within the trays. This method provides similar end results to the in-office bleaching, but takes 10-14 days of use to see the full effect.

It is common for patients to experience some tooth sensitivity following bleaching which resolves in a few days. For the average patient, the new whiter shade will fade after several months, and is somewhat dependent on how much coffee, tea, or red wine you might consume. Many of our patients return for whitening treatments more than once per year.

On the other hand, home teeth whitening involves using a customized tray and special bleaching gel provided by a dentist. The tray is worn for a specific amount of time each day (usually one to two hours) for a number of weeks. The patient can see a gradual improvement in their teeth’s appearance over time.

It’s important to note that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. The results typically last for a few months to a couple of years, depending on the individual’s lifestyle habits such as consuming staining foods and beverages or smoking. Additionally, teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone, especially individuals with certain dental conditions such as gum disease or tooth decay.